Jackie Lipton 

Lipton’s work extends the tradition of painting and drawing, from abstract expressionist painting, with an emphasis on color, through feminist work and the subconscious. She is influenced by an interest in the sciences of perception and psychology including physiological maps of the brain and its neurons.  These interests are in turn influenced by life long experiences with migraine headaches and synaesthesia. She has worked as a long term educator teaching art to students with special needs in inner city public schools, including a psychiatric inpatient hospital program for young children and adolescents. These multiple influences combine daily in her work to map states of awareness, using dream like states and meditative processes, to put thought into physical form, and to elicit internal stories with all their secrets, terrors and delights.

Her work ranges from large wall-sized paintings to small paintings, drawings and prints. Even as the scale changes between works, the paintings envision compressed, complex and abstract imagery; they often include city landscapes. Her process involves layering, words written in and painted out with traces of the drawn letters remaining, a commitment to process, and a recognition of internal life with its wonders, contradictions, passions, and painful spaces and eerie beauty.

Jackie Lipton lives and works in NYC, with her husband and life-partner, J. Christopher Bolton and their two amazing cats, Kwaylie and Murphy.